Marelle's Seashell Museum

4GW5+668 Circumferential Road Siquijor

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Marelle's Seashell Museum is a must-see for all nature lovers. This unique museum is home to a world-class collection of seashells and marine life, all from the waters of the Philippine archipelago.
But Marelle's Seashell Museum is much more than just a museum. It's a veritable complex, with a restaurant and bar, a gift shop and a splendid veranda opening onto lush botanical gardens. Everything here is designed to offer visitors an immersive, friendly and enriching experience.
On entering the museum, visitors are immediately struck by the scale and diversity of the exhibits. Shells of all shapes, sizes and colours are carefully displayed, reflecting the biological richness of the Philippine underwater world. Each specimen tells a story, making a valuable contribution to our understanding of marine biodiversity.