Ananda Ashram Wellness Vibe

Mountain of Peace San Juan Siquijor

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Located on the tranquil mountains of San Juan, Philippines, Ananda Ashram Wellness Vibe offers a variety of therapeutic modalities for body, mind, energy and spirit. Note that this is a highly rated wellness programme that constantly pushes the boundaries of the integrative health approach.
As a client, you can book private healing or intuitive guidance sessions to address a variety of emotional, energetic or even spiritual concerns. All treatments and services can be combined depending on your goals and intentions; this can include Reiki healing, guided meditation and herbal medicines. You also have the option of scheduling several sessions in advance.
One of the highlights of Ananda Ashram Wellness Vibe is their Ayahuasca healing retreat. This transformative journey is a powerful way to connect with ancient traditions, explore the inner spaces of consciousness and expand the perception of the self. The retreat is based on the natural rhythms of the island of Siquijor, which is renowned for its mystical beauty.
Each week, Ananda Ashram Wellness Vibe offers healing sessions that combine sound and Reiki. Described as ‘a massage for the soul’, these sessions bring deep relaxation, strengthen the immune system, help release emotional blockages and improve overall well-being.