Old Enchanted Balete Tree

Siquijor Circumferential Road Lazi Siquijor

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Entrance fee ₱20 + Parking

The Old Enchanted Balete Tree is a mystical and legendary natural attraction that attracts visitors from all over the world. It is a massive, ancient balete tree that is said to be over 400 years old, making it one of the oldest and largest trees in the Philippines. What makes the Old Enchanted Balete Tree so special is that it is home to a natural pool said to have healing properties. Visitors can walk along a network of vines to reach the pool, which is filled with crystal-clear water. A mystical and enchanting atmosphere surrounds the tree and pool, as the roots of the Balete tree extend downwards to form an impressive structure. Local folklore also surrounds the enchanted old Balete tree, with many believing it to be inhabited by supernatural beings such as fairies and spirits. As a result, the tree is often regarded as a spiritual and mystical site, and many locals come to pray or make offerings to the spirits believed to reside there. In addition to its spiritual significance, the Enchanted Old Tree of Balete is also an important ecological site. The tree is surrounded by lush, vibrant vegetation, and visitors can see a wide range of flora and fauna in the area. All in all, Siquijor's Old Enchanted Balete Tree is a must-see destination for anyone travelling to the island. The combination of its natural beauty, unique structure and spiritual significance makes it a memorable and enchanting experience for all who visit.