Wonderland (Vegan)

Road to Paliton beach San Juan Siquijor

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More than just a dining experience, Wonderland restaurant in Siquijor is a journey into a unique vegan culinary world, blending international fusion with an oriental twist. Nestled in the lush heart of the paradise island of Siquijor in the Philippines, this place is fast becoming a must-stop for lovers of veganism and healthy cuisine.
The restaurant offers a wide range of vegan dishes made with homemade ingredients, including breakfast smoothie bowls and scrambled tofu. Main courses include tofu nigiri, curry, soba noodles, chilli and the list goes on. Coconut milk, tofu, tahini, feta, labneh and seasonings are all part of the homemade ingredients that the restaurant prepares.
Community spirit is a founding pillar of the Wonderland restaurant. They are committed to building an eco-responsible resort with a sustainable development approach. It is an example to follow in terms of harmony with nature, which added to the exquisite cuisine, receives rave reviews from guests and visitors alike.