3 places to admire the sunset in Siquijor
As well as having an incredible and varied natural wealth, you're sure to admire some of the most beautiful sunsets in the Philippines on the island of Siquijor.
Siquijor's must-see evening events
There's always something going on in the evenings on Siquijor!
Discover Siquijor: A Magical Adventure from Day to Night
Welcome to Siquijor, the enchanted island of the Philippines. In this travel blog, we'll explore this mystical island, starting with a guided day tour and ending with a spectacular sunset and exquisite cocktails. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure.
Siquijor Island, a Hidden Treasure of the Philippines
Siquijor Island: A Hidden Treasure of the Philippines

Secret Adresses

Small Paliton Beach
Cangbusyo Beach San Juan Siquijor
Tulapos Marine Sanctuary
7JMR+MV6 Siquijor Circumferential Road Enrique Villanueva
Lugnason Falls
4GXM+CG6 San Juan Siquijor
Sambulawan Underground River
4JXQ+4H8 Lazi Siquijor
Secret Beach
5M3X+GW5 Maria Siquijor