Discover Siquijor: A Magical Adventure from Day to Night

Welcome to Siquijor, the enchanted island of the Philippines. In this travel blog, we'll explore this mystical island, starting with a guided day tour and ending with a spectacular sunset and exquisite cocktails. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure.

Morning: An Enchanted Beginning
Your day begins with a guided tour that takes you through the cultural wonders of Siquijor. Visit historic churches, discover the island's rich history and sample local specialities in a quaint restaurant. You'll soak up the magical atmosphere of Siquijor.

Afternoon: Nature diving
The afternoon is reserved for exploring the natural beauty of the island. Visit the Cambugahay waterfalls for a refreshing swim and explore Cantabon Cave, a unique underground adventure. You'll feel at one with Siquijor's nature.

Nakabalo Sunset: Magic at Dusk
Your day comes to a climax with a sunset at Nakabalo. Relax in the pool with a breathtaking view of the ocean as the sun slowly sets over the horizon. It's a breathtaking experience you'll never forget.

Evening at Mystical Tropical Bar: Island Cocktails
End your Siquijor adventure in style at the Mystical Tropical Bar. Sample the island's finest cocktails in an enchanting atmosphere. The exotic flavours will transport you to a world of delights.

Siquijor is a unique destination where magic and adventure meet. Get ready for an extraordinary experience, from daylight to the magic of dusk.